Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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I will go ahead and say it right out front in my opinion this movie is a dog. I gave this movie two thumbs down or 1 star rating.
I suppose if you are into drugs, bad acting, and the bizarre then this might be your movie pick. I can't believe I actually sat through the movie, actually I left the room and came back in and it still didn't get any better.

I thought with the cast it might be interesting but this definitely not the case, please pass on this movie. I have read many reviews about how great this movie and the director are but to me way to bizarre. For example, one scene Nicholas Cage is in a room stoned out of his mind and he is just starring at a couple of iguanas then they go into this bizarre music, no dialogue just show close ups of the lizard. Not my cup of tea people. Just say no to this type of movie, please.

New DVD releases.7

"No Greater Love," my wife and I really enjoyed this movie, a movie about life, love, hope, and coming together. I gave this movie a rating of two thumbs up or 5 stars. One thing I might add as in most Christian movies at first they seem to drag and even in some parts their is a slowness but if you analyse the entire movie then if you enjoy family movies as I do then you will appreciate this movie.

The story begins with a young couple having a intense argument, the husband is busy making or creating a business and the wife is drowning after having recently had a son. Next the movie moves to present day ten years later with a father raising a ten year old son on his own. By fate, I like to think God's Divine plan they by chance meet the long lost mother at a vacation Bible school.

After the wife left she had several years of drugs, and alcohol troubles and then she found our Lord, Jesus Christ, and her life was changed forever. After everyone realizes that they have found each other they try and put the pieces back together. I will let you find out for yourself the ending by watching the movie. I hope that you find you have enjoyed the movie as much as my wife and I enjoyed watching. This is exactly the type of movies I hope to one day produce and direct under Bear Production Company.

Starring in "No Greater Love": Anthony Tyler Quinn, Danielle Bisutti, Jay Underwood, Aaron Sanders, Alexis Boozer, Eric Bivens-Bush and was Directed by: Brad J. Silverman