Saturday, August 14, 2010

Catching a break Chubb and Scott Petroleum

Have you ever thought life was just really tough and at every corner it seems as though you get punched one more time just below the belt. Well this is how my luck seems to always be heading.

Last December my wife and I were in an accident. We were sitting at a stop light and were rear-ended. Well to date I have had to have shoulder surgery, my neck I have been told is to bad to fix, this is comforting. My wife just had neck surgery eight weeks ago. To top it all off the guy that hit us insurance company thinks that it is impossible that we could be hurt this bad.

They refused to fix my truck, although they did give me a check to fix my bumper. I just got my truck back from the frame shop and Chubb (the at-fault insurance company)said, their was no damage to my truck, well I just had a $1300.00 repair bill. That was to repair my frame and front springs.

The most fun from this accident is now we daily get phone calls from collection agencies wanting money that I do not have from an accident that was not my fault. I guess we are going to have to hire an attorney to litigate for us you want to do what is right and you get pushed around because you are a little guy and Chubb just does not care.

I think to date my wife and I have had near to $100,000 of medical repairs to our bodies and we need to somehow come up with $6,150 to meet our deductible for our private health insurance. To top this off we had initially seen a chiropractor and after our medical payments coverage expired we found out they do not accept our health insurance so I just received a bill from them last week for $4,200. We just found a Dr. in Florida that might be able to fix my neck but I have to come up with another $500, when will it end.

Between Chubb and Scott Petroleum how much more being punched below the belt can one family take. I am sure that Chubb is going to do all it can not to pay and Scott Petroleum Inc. owes me today in excess of $200,000 plus interest which I know I will never see, if they would have a change of heart and pay this would enable my wife and I to purchase another home, get my new start-up business "Bear Production Company" off the ground, and pay off all my bills.

We do have one thing going for us though we love Jesus Christ and when it seems the gloomiest for us he picks us up and carries us in his loving arms.