Sunday, May 2, 2010

Illegals & Fair Tax

I guess the situation with illegal immigrations is not a problem until someone in your family is killed. The thinking of making illegals legal will make them all tax payers is funny, this is assuming that all illegals are working, and not as the article written about in the Phoenix paper suggest that a good portion of the illegal activity is drug activity, then I guess you then would have to make drugs legal, then rape legal, then murder legal, then all crime legal....when does it stop, when do you put your foot down and say enough is enough.

If you really want to do something about illegals then our Government leaders needs to abolish the IRS and put in its place the Fair Tax (consumable tax) then all of the illegals when they buy anything at the stores will be paying taxes. The only people that would get tax credits under the fair tax would be legal citizens, I guess you would weed them out naturally without having to do anything else........

I see in the news daily in our region of the United States on our local news programming in Omaha NE huge trouble with gangs and especially Mexican gangs, daily we are having shootings, drugs, rapes, murders, and tagging. I personally have no problem with anyone coming to this great country but shouldn't they do it legally. Why should they get to cut in line just because someone snuck across either border. They are called illegal because they broke our Federal Laws, and why is it necessary for a State to pass a Law that the Federal Government should already be taking care of and enforcing.

Here is the fundamental flaw with the reaction of our friends on the Liberal side, if you try to sneak into Mexico if caught you will be imprisoned. So why do our liberal friends cry out and pull the race card if we were to do the same thing here in the U.S. The sole reason for our liberal friends to pander to the illegals is they are wanting more election support and the problem is not effecting any of them personally. Let one of their family members get killed, harassed, raped,and then we will see the shoe on the other foot.

Again, I think that we could solve this problem without much effort on our parts by simply passing the Fair Tax. This would ensure that all people living in the United States were Tax Payers. Another unseen benefit of the Fair Tax is bringing back jobs to the United States. If corporations paid no taxes and goods could be purchased 23% less wouldn't you move your company back to the U.S., it would be cheaper to operate thus your profits would be greater. And you would soon see our unemployment numbers drop to unseen levels historically.

I also think that Arizona is getting a bum rap by the liberal media, and liberals in general. I am putting out a call for people to visit the state of Arizona and spend some of your hard earned money and help them out. If I could financially I would go and see the Grand Canyon something on my bucket list. Something to think about visit Arizona.