Monday, March 29, 2010

Media Bias

Today will be a big shocker to most of you out there that read this blog, I think that their is definitely a case for media bias. When I went to college we were taught in Journalism classes that the reporter is to be neutral only report the facts and let those facts fall where they may, otherwise you are editorializing.

Most reporters today can not hide their feelings on any issues. I believe this is one of the major reasons that subscriptions have fallen in every major news outlet. But to me it still seems as the powers that be still do not get it, that the problem is how they disseminate the news.

Take a case in point most people did not like the way that the Health Care bill was shoved down our throats, sneaky like and behind the scenes with dirty deals made for its passage. The last numbers I had seen still said 50+% still did not favor the bill and that 79% of those people polled did not trust the current people in Congress.

Instead our media tried daily to make a case why the Health Care reform bill was necessary. Here in lies the problem had they been doing their jobs they would have been reporting both sides good and bad of the bill. Had this occurred an overwhelming majority of the people would have either been for or against this legislation.

I think it should have been the duty of our media to go through all the pages of this bill line by line and tell the American public what was in the bill. Also the media should have reported every dollar that was spent to get this bill to pass. This is what the American people deserve and should have gotten. I think the media has a chance to get it right on Cap & Trade but I think the writing is on the wall and no matter what this President does the media thinks he walks on water and can do no wrong.

I can not figure out for the life of me why if a Congressman on one side or the other does not lay down and except what the other side is doing no matter how it conflicts with his/her own principals they are being an obstructionist. Is this not why they were elected and sent to Washington. This is what our media should be reporting the reasons why one side or the other is not in favor of the bill. I think the media needs to remember the basics; who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Come on Media lets start doing our jobs and remember we want to know ALL the News not just your side of the reporting. Maybe this is the reason for the success of Fox News, yes they have editorials but they also try and report the hard news down the middle and this is why the majority of the public tunes in they just want to see the news not someones version of the news.

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