Friday, March 12, 2010

New DVD releases.2

Today's blog will be about another new release that I have just watched with my wife, "The Time Traveler's Wife." For us we gave the movie a partial Thumbs up or a 3 Star rating.

I thought the story was interesting but the movie moved along slowly and at sometimes a little bit creepy. I suppose I should explain this part when the Henry DeTamble (Eric Bana) goes back in time and meets his future wife Clare Abshire (Rachel McAdams) and continues to meet her throughout her childhood, teenage, young adult portion of her life, or could you say he loved her so much that his time travel was back to her during different stages of her life.

It turns into a nice love story with a lot of angst but the wife learns to live with the quirkiness of his unexpected time travel. At the end of the movie both my wife and I said "interesting not sure I would watch the movie again", and believe you me we watch movies over and over again if we enjoy them. So I would say, "if your looking for a chick flick for your wife and you don't mind the movie moving on slowly then this is not a bad pick".

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