Thursday, March 11, 2010

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Well I have been up for an hour, my shoulder is killing, my back is screaming, and my neck isn't to far behind that. Today I thought I would try to get out a blog so that I might be able to get my mind off some of the pain.
Today I thought I would review "Up In The Air." My wife and I enjoyed it although we felt the movie started out a little slow, the movie had a brief scene of nudity so for this reason I would not recommend as a family movie to watch. After this brief nude scene the movie goes back to what movies did in yesteryear and let you see or imagine the relationship build physically but not going there which they could have easily done. I give this movie a Thumbs up or 4 Stars.
The movies premise is Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) tough skinned, has in my opinion one of the worst jobs a person could have, he is a professional hammer (fires people for companies too afraid to fire their own employees.) This is a job I would never want to have but Ryan does his job well with grace and in the long run makes most of the people he fires feel as though this is a time for a new opportunity in their lives. The plot and Ryan change when he meets another fellow business traveler Alex Goran (Vera Farmiga) through his relationship with her loses some of his hard heartiness.
Ryan is also dealing with the possibility of losing his job to technology when a young brash recent college graduate proposes to Ryan's boss that she could reduce company cost by bringing home the hammers and firing people remotely via the Internet. Ryan shows this young upstart and his boss how can she preform if she can't even fire him in a mock firing. This begins a professional relationship between Ryan and Natalie Keener (Anna Kendrick.) Again through this relationship Ryan again finds himself losing some of his tough demeanor.
Overall a good movie and incorporates good plot building. Right now with the unemployment crisis in the United States a timely movie and my wife and I feel this is probably one of the reasons for this movies big success and Academy Award nomination. I don't think you will go wrong by watching this movie, just a little slow out of the gate the Plane terminal that is. For those of you in Omaha this is Ryan's home base, you get to see some of downtown and of course Eppley airfield in Omaha, and Omaha is mentioned frequently in the movie.

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