Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New DVD releases.3

I just watched and enjoyed, "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" I gave this movie a Thumbs up or 4 stars. I find Marc Lawrence the writer and director to be funny and he has worked with Hugh Grant before in, "Two Weeks Notice." The premise of the movie is Paul Morgan (Hugh Grant) and his wife Meryl Morgan (Sarah Jessica Parker) are having marital problems. Meryl is an high end exclusive Real Estate agent in New York City, and Paul is a High Power Attorney both owning their own companies, have to go into witness protection and adapt to life in rural Wyoming.
The two are separated and decide to meet for dinner, the dinner goes well while walking to an appointment of Meryl's they witness a murder and are put into witness relocation program. This is where the hilarity begins a fish out of water story, the two are big city people and have never been to the country. They are skirted off in a U.S. Marshall's plan for an unknown destination, which turns out to be Ray Wyoming.
As you can guess the two are forced to deal with and work through their issues mainly Paul's infidelity, and begin to fall in love all over again. In Ray they meet the ultimate cowboy and the U.S. Marshal that is charged with protecting them played by Sam Elliott and his wife played by Mary Steenburgen.
My wife and I enjoyed the movie and hope that you all will enjoy the movie as much as we enjoyed watching this movie for the second time (we had first seen the movie in the theatres.)


  1. I am going to rent this one! I love Hugh Grant, so thanks for the review! ;)

  2. keep giving me the love on my blog and I will continue to give the common mans reviews.....I Love movies....and I watch just for the enjoyment of the movies....