Sunday, March 21, 2010

Politics We Need a New Start

I believe this is a sad day for all Americans when the Government is going to saddle all Americans with an unbelievable burden for our Country. I think we need to go back and re-examine all views and pass a bill that is pleasing to both sides. I have heard it said time and time again that we have asked the other side to work with us on the bill but what I have seen is you can work on the bill as long as this is what we are working on, no true working and compromising for both sides. I seen this morning a staggering statistic that I think is how most Americans feel about our current Govt. it is broke and we need to fix that, 79% of the American people feel our Govt. is broke and they are not willing to listen to us on what we are sending them to office to do.

Since the current Administration and Congress have come to power they have taken over the financial sector, auto industry, and now looks to be the health care industry. Next thing we will be told as Americans where we can worship, how much we can make, how we are to live, what kind of jobs we may do, this to me sounds like some of our communist friends not the America that I served so proudly in the USN.

I think it is time to go back,roll up our sleeves write a bill that is sensible not 1000 plus pages, our Constitution is not a thousand plus pages and it has served us well, it is time for every person in Congress to take there hand out of the cookie jar and instead of thinking what can this bill do for me and my longevity here in D.C., you all should be thinking what can I accomplish for my people that I swore an oath to serve. I also believe it is time to leave the pork to the right people our farmers, butchers, and consumers.

I have told many of my friends that I have no faith in either party and I was embarrassed the way the republicans acted when they are in charge and spent every dollar they could find to spend, and we never learn because we have done it all over again. Please stop spending money that isn't there to spend. A few years ago my wife and I got into trouble with credit cards mostly because of me (cards I got from College) so we paid off what we could worked out arrangements on others and now we only use a debit card, so if their is no money in the bank we don't spend. This has worked for us for the last 10 years, I think our Govt. needs to take on some of the same thinking if no money in the bank we don't spend.

So I am asking you not to do what is right for your party, but do what is right for those of us here back in the Heartland. You come up with a bill that does not have all the pork in it that truly addresses the problems and is written in such a manner that is kept simple and short I will be the first in line to support you, and our President. I don't care about parties I just want things to get done and done for the people not for one party or the other stop all the infighting. If you all truly wanted to get something done take a small sample from each state (no lawyers) and listen to what we think should be in the bill. I think you will find you will have something at that time that is worth making a law.

In closing sir do what is right for Iowa, not what is right for your party. I sent this to all our leaders from Iowa. Let me know what you think, How do you all feel about D.C. right now.

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